Traction Battery Support Units (BSU)

The BSU range have been designed to meet the needs of the high power consuming vehicle.

During diagnostic or programming operations, the vehicle’s systems are operated solely from the battery – Battery charge during this process is therefore critical. All units in the range provide a constant voltage to prevent loss of data and possible damage to control units during diagnostic processes, software updates and module reprogramming, when in a Key On, Engine Off state.Using the BSU unit is simple and clear – the status of all the BSU units is indicated by three LED’s – Power, Polarity, Demand. When all are illuminated, BSU is supporting the battery.

All units are designed to be wall, ramp or trolley mounted, and supplied with 5m output leads as standard.

Traction Battery Support Units are sourced and manufactured in the UK, ensuring exceptional quality in every unit.

For further information please contact:
                                                                        Tel: 01535 658663