Essential Tools when working on Hybrid & Electric vehicles

EE400_02The EE400 is an absence of voltage tester for hybrid and electric vehicles to ensure that they are safe to work on before you touch them.

You should not touch a hybrid car in a workshop/garage without access to and use of the EE400 on every occasion.

The EE400 is part of the mandatory requirement for workshops when working on a hybrid vehicle with voltages up to 690v.                                                 Price  £54.99 (+ VAT & £5.75pp)


The DT9985 is a professional Multi-meter designed for testing hybrid and electric vehicles to ensure they are safe to work on. You should not maintain a hybrid or electric vehicle without access to and use of the DT9985. The tool is part of the mandatory requirements for workshops when working on hybrid and electric vehicles with voltages up to 1000v.

The Insulation Multi-meter combines a digital insulation tester and True RMS digital meter, in a compact handheld unit, which provides maximum versatility for both troubleshooting and preventative maintenance. This is a professional EN61010 CATEGORY III (1000v) and CATEGORY IV (600v) tool.

 .                                                                  Price  £249.99 (+ VAT & £5.75pp)

Other Electronic Tools for Testing


The EC400 6mm Video Boroscope has a super definition 2.4″ TFT LCD resolution 480 x 234 video scope with gooseneck cable and amazingly small 6mm camera head for viewing hard to access components.

                                                                                                     Price  £84.99 (+ VAT & £5.75pp)


PP500_03The PP500 is a next generation of Automotive Circuit Multi-function Tester, for checking a range of automotive electrical systems (12v to 24v). Save time and money, and detect hard to find electrical faults. This is the most capable best value Multi-function Circuit testing probe you can buy.

.                                               Price  £69.99 (+ VAT & £5.75pp)


ET140_03The ET140 Mini Thermometer is a high quality infra-red thermometer, it provides non-contact temperature measurements. Quickly and easily check for blocked radiators, cooling systems, hot components and many other uses.

Targeting small or hard to reach objects with its bright laser beam.

                                                                                                  Price  £37.99 (+ VAT & £5.75pp)