Drew Pass-Thru


Time is changing diagnostics day on day, no longer can we guess and take the chances we once did. We need far more information at our fingertips, this information can seem to change on a daily basis.

Even if programming is not required, we still need the information. Manufacturers have their own technical websites, you can get correct and up to date information quite cheaply from here and know that it is correct and up to date on all new cars. Once the initial fear of using these new Technical Websites has passed you soon realise just how much easier and more confident your diagnostic and servicing work can be. They are there, so why not learn to use them. It has been known for some time now that car manufacturers have had to keep adding systems to keep up with the ever increasing legislations brought in by governments.

ICT Workshop Solutions offers training in diagnostics, that can lead even the most nervous user to better understand these different approaches to servicing and repairing cars. For further information please contact us at:

email: info@ictworkshopsolutions.com

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