Product History
The CarDAQ-Plus is a descendant of the original CarDAQ. The original CarDAQ was the first J2534 tool to ever be produced, and was offered to the US public in 1999. Since that time the product has gone through several improvements leading to the CarDAQ-Plus. The CarDAQ-Plus was designed for use by engineering and manufacturing groups at the car manufacturers, with features and durability that are uncommon in other J2534 tools sold to the aftermarket. Obviously over recent years development in the motor industry has continued to gallop ahead at ever increasing speed. To maintain the position within the industry Drew Technologies have introduced their new device – CarDAQ-Plus-2.


The CarDAQ-Plus-2 does everything that the old device did but it is much faster and has many more protocols in it. The aim was to provide a device that didn’t have to change, and would be more compatibile with vehicles and applications still yet to come out. For example, Diagnostics over the internet protocol (modified Ethernet), CAN on all pins (except power and earth), K-Line on all pins (except power and earth) – Even some rarer protocols that are rearly used by Tech2Win (Europe only, this has more significance to us here than the US).


J2534-1 Features
2 CAN Channels
Ford SCP (J1850PWM)
GM Class 2 (J1850VPW)
KWP2000 (OSO9141/14230)
Chrysler SCI (J2610)

J2534-2 Features
Single-wire CAN
Fault Tolerant CAN
Additional K-Line PIN switching
Honda Diag H
VW TP 1.6 and TP 2.0

No Analog inputs on CarDAQ-Plus-2

Proprietary OS

USB High Speed (480Mbts) PC interface

Dimensions: 6.5″ x 6″ x 1.25″

Powered through USB

Operating System – Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10

J2534 Version Support: Version 04.04 and V500

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