JBT- 1 – Alternator & Starter Tester – Testing the Future



The JBT-1 Starter and Alternator Tester is an all-in-one testing device that was designed for Parts departments, Warehouses and Main Dealers. The tester provides the end user with capabilities previously available only to the OEM’s.


  • Solenoid Pull-in test, Voltage Drop, and Contact Chatter.
  • Test virtually every alternator available including BSS, LIN & clutch pulley alternators with less than 40 test harness combinations.
  • Built in digital oscilloscope for analysis of rectifier/diode & stater winding’s.
  • Database is searchable by Part Number, Plug Number or Vehicle Application
  • Easy to operate touch screen with step-by-step connection instructions aided by full color pictures.

Alternator Testing 

  • The Platform supports the various computerized serial communication protocols required to activate and test the alternator including BSS & LIN.
  • Built-in digital oscilloscope for the analysis of rectifier/diode and stator winding condition. Also provides comprehensive measurement of regulator functions and terminal output signals.
  • The regulator terminal switching circuitry automatically configures the test harness to match the required plug connections of the alternator.
  • Alternator leakage test checks for faulty alternator components such as missing or broken insulators, defective diodes and regulators.

Starter Testing 

  • Comprehensive test of the starter and solenoid functionality with the combination of measured electrical values and the optional shaft speed measurements.
  • The computer controlled variable voltage starter power supply tests solenoid pull-in with programmable voltage to detect weak and defective solenoids.
  • Analysis of starter components with “initial” load and speed sensor. The optional sensor evaluates starter pinion engagement and timing.
  • Measures solenoid contact voltage drop, pull coil & hold coil current, early model “R” terminal connection – checks for contact chatter, pinion engagement and speed.

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