ac1234-8_4L3 Award in Automotive Refrigerant Handling (EC842-2006)

It is 5 years now that the regulations have required people who work on air conditioning systems to hold a qualification in F-gas handling.

Recently (January 2015), it became mandatory for anyone wishing to purchase refrigerant to hold the same qualification as those who work on the systems. Although it is well publicised, it is surprising how many people find this out when they are in a flat-spin at work.

There is a difference between ATA Accreditation and Training, training is a life-time qualification. ATA accreditation needs to be renewed, now on a three year basis (was 5 years). Many people who took accreditation when the regulation first came out are finding that they are no longer covered and need to renew their certification. This takes time and also there is a cost on a regular basis.

ICT Workshop Solutions offers training, so the qualification does last for life. We are able to offer training regionally, so we are able to train at your premises. For the training to be carried out at your premises there are some basic requirements that need to be made available, such as a room where the candidates are able to sit and take in the training presentation. They also need an area where they are able to take the assessment in an un-interrupted manner. Following the presentation and written assessment there is a practical, where they are required to carryout practically a full service procedure.

Up on successfully passing each stage, the IMI will issue a Level 3 certificate.

Anyone interested in taking this qualification can contact us to arrange a mutually convenient date, when we can come to your premises and train your staff. We always offer free lifetime support to all our customers, this can be practical advice on diagnosing problems on vehicles with air conditioning or possibly on why a machine may not be performing as expected.

We are able to offer Robinair Air Conditioning Service machines to anyone wishing to upgrade their machine, or look for a machine to service vehicles with the new R1234yf refrigerant.

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