Today almost all cars have alloy or mag wheels fitted, with the tyres being lower profile and higher pressure.

We often forget such innovations are always far more than just a bling accessary, as in most cases there is something to do with vehicle emissions. Higher pressure = lower rolling resistance = lower emission levels.

Alloy wheels by their nature are softer by design, and in most cases highly polished or finely finished. Removing tyres on the wheel of today has to have a more delicate approach than was used on steel wheels.

01_4947Ravaglioli offer the most flexible and reliable tyre fitting machines, they take seriously the difficulties that have become apparent in the delicate operation of removing and fitting tyres without damaging expensive wheels. Their patented lever-less device, known as “Slivo” ensures the tyre bead is gently lifted past the rim of the wheel, making sure there are no tell-tale scratches or denting.

This same lever is also critical when mounting the tyre to the wheel; the linkage ensures that the bead is passed over the wheel rim with an air-gap.

In almost all cases, the list of options that can be added to each of the tyre changers enables customers to select which level of machine they wish to have. There are a number of helper arms that can be added to the basic model, turning a lower level machine into a higher specification machine.

Car manufacturers find it easy to recommend almost all the Ravaglioli tyre changing machines.

If you would like more information regarding the range of Ravaglioli tyre changers, please get in touch.